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Older Revision of Halloween Personalities

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Halloween Personalities

During the month of October, the trolls, goblins, and skeletons come out to haunt your neighborhood. Use your rubber band to fend them off. But be careful, because these eerie creatures could really deliver some pain.


A ghoul is a monster that dwells in burial grounds and other uninhabited places. During the month of Halloween, the creature preys on young children, robs graves, and eats the dead. You can send them back to their uninhibited dwellings by flinging rubber bands at them. But, be careful. If you miss, a ghoul could rob you of experience.


Goblin is mischievous creature, often described in as a grotesquely disfigured or gnome-like phantom, that may range in height from that of a dwarf to that of a human. They constant annoying little creatures. And during the month of Halloween, they've came out to join the rubber band fight with their rubber band crossbows. When you disorient them with your rubber band, there is a slight chance that they might drop some gold coins.

Skeleton (future implementation)

Skeletons are not afraid of pain, afterall they are just bones. Therefore, they are not vulnerable to rubber band shots. However, their bodies are fragile, connected loosely at the joints. A skilled hit with the rubber band ball can cause a skeleton to collapse. But be careful when you miss, their boney hands can inflict painful scratch marks.

Troll (future implementation)

During October, troll comes out from under bridges, seeking to terrify children. They have poor intellect, but have great strength, big noses, long arms, and very hairy. You can send them back under the bridge by flinging rubber bands at their head. But their strong long arms could get you if you are not careful.


Vampires only come out at night. The sun will vaporize them. You can really annoy a vampire with your rubber bands. But don't let them bite you. Or you'd become an undead nocturnal creature yourself. The only way to cure that is with a potion of resurrection.

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