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Even in the simple warfare of rubber band fight, there are always those smarter kids that has the ability to create new weaponry to deliver more satisfaction in shorter period of time. These awesome creations are now in the local stores for all to enjoy.

Each rubber band gun has a distinct traits that make them superior or inferior in different situations. The characteristics are accuracy, breakage, pain, rounds, and price.

Accuracy determines how likely it is for you to hit your target with untrained skills. It's possible to improve your accuracy through training and lessons.

Breakage determines how likely it is for the rubber band to break with a specific weapon. Each weapons stretches the rubber band to different length. And with age, the rubber bands become fatigue due to wear and tear.

Pain determines how much pain a weapons deliver to your opponent. And with the increase of your opponent's pain level, your satisfaction goes up as well.

Rounds determines how many rubber band a weapon can fire off in one round of combat.

Price is the cost of the rubber band gun. You can always revert back to your finger for free, but your other weapon is lost when you stop using it.


You start the game using your finger. This is the basic piece of weapon you have from growing up in the neighborhood.

Accuracy: 25%
Breakage: 10%
Pain: 1
Rounds: 1
Price: free

Small Pistol

Accuracy: 65%
Breakage: 15%
Pain: 1
Rounds: 1
Price: $20

Large Pistol (future implementation)

Accuracy: 55%
Breakage: 20%
Pain: 2
Round: 1
Price: $40

Semi-Automatic Rifle

Accuracy: 75%
Breakage: 30%
Pain: 3
Round: 1
Price: $100

Chain Gun

Accuracy: 40%
Breakage: 30%
Pain: 3
Rounds: 8
Price: $295

Gatling Gun

Accuracy: 20%
Breakage: 40%
Pain: 7
Rounds: 12
Price: $395

Sniper Rifle

Accuracy: 90%
Breakage: 50%
Pain: 9
Rounds: 1
Price: $550

Crossbow (future implementation)

This is goblin's weapon of choice (see "Personalities"). It's not available for purchase.

Accuracy: 70%
Breakage: 20%
Pain: 5
Rounds: 1
Price: N/A

Catapult (future implementation)

In the twenty-first sentry rubber band warfare has a whole new meaning. Taking advantage of GPS, cellphone, and computer, it is relatively easy to set up a remote-controlled home artillery system. Provide the coordinate of the enemy, and the catapult will instantly fire off a round of rubber band ball. Accuracy of the system is only effected by the GPS precision and you ability to estimate your enemy's coordinate.

Accuracy: 50%
Breakage: 0%
Pain: 20
Rounds: 1
Price: $5000

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