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You enter the neighborhood with nothing in your possession. You are basically a free target for anyone else in the game. The easiest and quickest way to get involved is to look for some change and rubber band on the streets. While you are looking for these items, you can't really do anything else.


You can take on any opponents in the neighborhood. In the fight page, you can select along various kids or pre-defined personalities.


The amount of pain inflict depends on where there rubber band hit. The following chart shows the pain for each part of the body. In addition, each weapon inflict a specific pain value (see "Weapons") that is added to the total pain.

1 point - hitting the torso
2 points - hitting one of the limbs.
3 points - hitting the head

When your total pain reaches 100, you have to sit out of the game for a while to recover. At that time you can't do much of anything else (see "Rest" below).


The amount of satisfaction you get for hitting someone with your rubber band depends on which body part you hit. The following chart shows the body part and the satisfaction level.

1 point - hitting the torso
2 points - hitting one of the limbs.
3 points - hitting the head

When you initiating the attack and hit your opponent, you receive one additional point of satisfaction for initiating the attack and reaching your goal.

When you return fire on an opponent that has initiated attack on you, you will receive an additional satisfaction point if the attacker missed you, but you hit your opponent.

Call Shots (future implementation)

Body Limb Head


To keep your pain level from maxing out, you should rest when you have time. Remember that your pain level maxes out at 100. When you get there, your body no longer functions. That means you can't return fire or attack another kid in the neighborhood. For every hour you rest, you can decrease your pain level by up to 10 points.


After getting some money in your pocket, you can buy advanced weapons at the local store to help dominate the neighborhood. Don't like getting pushed around? Having a chain gun might keep your opponents at bay.

Spy (future implementation)

Train (future implementation)

In your backyard, you sat up a scarecrow, several glass bear bottles, a few aluminum soda cans. That's your training camp. You can practice shooting at these things to increase your combat proficiency without making enemies (or feeling pain).


Working provides you with a consistent flow of cash. Sometimes it beats looking for change. But the same kind of work is not always available.

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