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Chrismas (future implementation)

Christmas is only (73) days away. Jolly Saint Nick, aka Santa Claus, took off early from his Spring and Summer Break to go back to the North Pole and fire up the old workshop. This is especially a tough year because of increase global population and an inexplicable number of good kids all over the world.

All seemed fine in the Winterland with Jack Frost incarcerated six years ago for trying to hijack Christmas. He was convicted by a jury of his peers and is currently serving three infinite life sentences at the Fairy Forest Maximum Penitentiary. But before he was caught, he left a surprise for the rest of the world.

Icicle Jim (I MIGHT CHANGE HIS NAME) woke once Jack Frost wasn't around to keep him in deep freeze. Originally, Icicle Jim was suppose to rescue Jack Frost but evil is evil. Icy Jim wants to introduce himself to the world. What better wan to do it than to do what Frost could not do: steal Christmas.

Instead of kidnapping Santa or screw with the subspace that allowed Santa to travel around the world (some say, to other planets) on Christmas Eve and deliver all the gifts within a matter of minutes, he did the unspeakable. His minions travelled all over the places where the elves were vacationing and offered them a potion that altered their state of mind.

Now, none of the elves wanted to return to the North Pole to help Santa create his toys. News of this Holiday disaster broke and a general call for help went through the world. As unusual, the UN tried to pass some non-binding resolution while the Russians and the Chinese vetoed it.

So, it's up to us. There are elves who attempted to take over our neighborhood. We need to help the agents of Winterland round up these elusive elves.

There are 3 general classes of elves. There is the worker elf.

Help in this endeavor and you will be rewarded on Christmas Day. Work with fighters in your neighborhood. Work alone. For one reason or another, Santa will be coming to town.

Also we should have daily quotes and updates on this:

I’ve got a few in mind. J

Presidential Candidiates, world leaders, celebrities, man on the street thing.

Capture the elves and give them the magic potion to return them back to the happy merry state they were in before the anti-grunt tonic was given to them.

Elves were immuned to the Rubberbands! Especially after they got mad.

But they were no immuned to Old Man Winter’s snowballs. Find Old Man Winter so he can be released (so, that explains Global Warming…oh…). Starts to snow. Find magic sling shots to fire off the snow balls at a greater distance.

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