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Your profile page shows your haves and don't haves. And it shows you your condition.


Auto Return Fire

In the preference page, you can enable or disable the "Auto Return Fire" feature. If this checkbox is checked when another kid attacks you, you will automatically return fire (if you have any rubber bands). This function will deplete your rubber band supply. It defaults to off.


Your neighborhood news is the best way for you to see what is going on in your neighborhood for the past few days. It shows everyone that has recently join the neighborhood and the skirmishes that has occurred.


The action menu is where interact with the environment. Through this interface, you can fight, find, rest, shop, etc. See Action Menu for more details.


This option takes you to our public chat room for you to discuss Rubber Band Fight to your heart's content. See "Communication" for more details.


The ranking page displays all of the kids in the neighborhood. It shows how satisfied they are with their performances.

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