Rubber Band Fight


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Billy the Bully

Billy is much older than your crowd. He doesn't like to play with rubber bands. But he sure likes to use his fist.

Don't you just hate bullies? Me too. And smacking him in the face with your rubber band is probably the funnest way to take revenge. But if he catches you, you might just loose a tooth, some pocket change, and some rubber bands.

Burglar (future implementation)

Did you catch a burglar sneaking up your neighbor's house? He only comes out at night. If you see him, you can put a stop to him with your rubber band. Your rubber band fling might surprise him and cause him to make a racket. He might even drop some items for your to pick up.

Green Alien (future implementation)

Sometimes you might spot the green alien wondering in your neighborhood. It comes in peace and only wants to observe your neighborhood. But you can shoot him with your rubber band to see his facial expression change. But watch out, its death ray can stun you.

Mr. Wizard

The neighbor dog's name is Mr. Wizard. That's because he wears a wizard hat and wizard robe. No one knows who this dog belongs to. It almost seems he just appeared in the neighborhood one day. You can try shooting rubber bands at Mr. Wizard. But you never know what tricks are up his sleeves.

Principle William (future implementation)

It's always a dream to shoot your principle in the back and run. Just make sure he doesn't know what hit him. Or you could be in the detention hall for a while.

Detention Hall (future implementation)

While you are in the detention hall, you can't really attack anyone outside the room. However, other kids and even Mary, the detention hall teacher, in detention hall can be targeted. Just be careful and don't let Mary catch you. Or you might just end up spending more time in the detention hall.


Probably just your own shadow cast on the ground. You can shoot it any time, any where. And it's likely not to fight back.

Wilma the Granny

If you are willing to stoop low enough to shoot at a nice granny down the street, you better be able to run pretty fast. Or she might just grab you buy your ear and punish you by having you rake her yard.

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