Rubber Band Fight


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Thanksgiving Personalities

During the month of Thanksgiving, cowboys and Indians might show up in your neighborhood. If you like playing cowboys and Indians, here is your chance to start shooting. But be careful, these warring people could really dish out some pain.

Betsy the Cowgirl

Betsy the Cowgirl is really cute in her cowboy hat and her ponytails. She's usually bored, bathing in the warm sunny rays, while playing with her rope. You might be able to attract her attention by shooting a rubber band or two her way. But be ready for a spanking, if she ever ropes you in.

Native Indian Chief

The Native Indian Chief is a real quiet guy. He's muscular and tough. And he rarely pulls out his tomahawk. To see it, you'll have to agitate him a little bit. But don't get caught, because his tomahawk is made out of stone and can cause quite a bit of pain.

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